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Aluminium is a metal that has found its way into many areas of everyday life. You find it as castings, sheets, profiles and forgings in transport, building and construction, mechanical engineering and precision mechanics, electrical engineering, chemical engineering and food industry, kitchen, household ware and metal goods. In many cases aluminium-specific joining or surface technologies are applied to enable the light metal to fulfill special requirements.

Aluminium is a perfect recycling material. Modern sorting, pre-treatment and remelting technologies are the prerequisite to ensure a closed aluminium loop in order to contribute to the raw material supply and a resource efficient society of today and tomorrow.

At the ALUMINIUM 2016 Conference with its motto ‘Aluminium – Material for the Future’, the various applications of aluminium currently used be presented together with possible further developments that will make products in the future even lighter, nicer and more resource efficient.

Together with representatives from the different sections of the industry, manufacturers of semi-finished products, refiners, remelters and subsuppliers, the latest innovative and future-looking solutions will be presented and discussed.

Conference Day 1 - 29 November 2016

Session: Aluminium Markets

Andreas Postler,Head of Economics and Statistics
GDA - Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustie e.V.
08:00 Registration open for 1 h
09:00 Aluminium Market Overview
Speaker: Andreas Postler | Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie e.V., Germany
09:20 Aluminium Markets- What moves the LME price and ingot premiums?
Speaker: Eoin Dinsmore |CRU Group, UK
09:40 The New Challenges of the Globalizing Aluminium Industry: The Behaviour of Emerging Economies
Speaker: Bruno G. Rüttimann, Schwitzerland
10:00 Aluminium vs Steel
Speaker: Goran Djukanovic |Analyst/Consultant, Aluminium Insider
10:20 Coffeebreak (approx. 20 min.)
10:40 Advanced Aluminum Lightweight Materials for Future Aerospace Products
Speaker:Blanka Lenczowski / Rainer Rauh | Airbus Group Innovations, Germany
11:00 Constellium’s automotive offer at 360°
Speaker: Catherine Athenes | Constellium, France
11:20 Aluminium penetration in cars
Speaker: Patrik Ragnarsson | European aluminium, Belgium
11:40 Global Automotive Markets and Challenges
Speaker: Marius Baader | VDA - German Association of the Automotive Industry , Germany
12:00 Break for 2h

Session: Surface

Kathrin Eckhard, Programme Manager and Surface Expert
Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH
14:00 Surface - Image Maker of the Material
Speaker: Werner Mader| Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie e.V., Germany
14:20 Modification of aluminium surfaces: From superhydrophobic aluminium surfaces to improved adhesion
Speaker: Frank Simon|IPF - Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden, Germany
14:40 Switch to Cr-VI-free pretreatment: Brand-new developments provide solutions to multiple problems
Speaker: Juan Serret|Henkel AG & Co.KGaA, Germany
15:00 Anodizing as pre-treatment for powder coating: Technical and environmental advances
Speaker: Elia Schaer Álvarez |ALVAREZ-SCHAER, S.A., Spain
15:20 Coffeebreak (approx. 20 min.)
15:40 Online-Process-Control for the pretreatment process electrochemically measuring properties of conversion layers on aluminium
Speaker: Susanne Bender|Institut für Lacke und Farben Magdeburg GmbH, Germany
16:00 New Possibilities in Surface Finishes for Aluminium
Speaker: Russell Deane |
Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings Ltd., UK
16:20 Reliable and sustainable processing of wet discharge from chemical Aluminium coils processing
Speaker: Jochen Schumacher | Eisenmann Thermal Solutions GmbH, Germany
16:40 The challenge of anodizing aluminum cast plates
Speaker: Thomas Katlun | GLEICH Aluminium Group, Germany
Status: Juli 2016. Subject to change without prior notice.

Conference Day 2 - 30 November 2016

Session: Automotive

Stephan G. Klose, Senior Manager Advanced Materials (RD/RKM) - Group Research & Advanced Engineering
Daimler AG
08:00 Registration open for 1 h
09:00 Accelerating the development of lightweight aluminium solutions for automotive structures and crash management systems s
Speaker: Martin Jarrett | Constellium University Technology Center, UK
09:20 Flextreme Continuous Billet Casting Technology for Casting HCM Direct-Forge Bars
Spaeker: Bill Betts, Novelis / Lutz Müller,Bharat Forge
09:40 Standardised aluminium alloys for complex closure panels and aluminium design considerations
Speaker: Bart Sprengers|Aleris Aluminum Duffel BVBA, Belgium
10:00 IThe effect of heating rate, holding temperature and annealing time on superplastic forming behaviour of AA5083 alloys
Speaker: Anna-Catharina Kaiß |AMAG rolling GmbH, Austria
10:20 Coffeebreak (approx. 20 min.)
10:40 Development of High performance alloys for Aluminium intensive Body-in-White
Speaker: Tetsuya Masuda| Kobe Steel, Ltd., Japan
11:00 Improving aluminium body sheet properties through surface engineering
Speaker: Henk-Jan Brinkman | Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products ,R& D Center Bonn, Germany
11:20 Intergranular corrosion investigation on EN-AW 6082 rods
Speaker: Luisa Marzoli |TRIMET Aluminium SE, Germany
11:40 New Applications for Aluminium Forgings: Ligth Weight Design of Rail Vehicles
Speaker: Bernd Velten |OTTO FUCHS KG, Germany
12:00 Break for 2h

Session: Recycling

Jörg H. Schäfer, Head of Recycling and Sustainability
GDA - Gesamtverband der aluminiumindustrie e.V.
14:00 Moving towards a circular economy with focus on recycling
Speaker: Magdalena Garczyńska | European Aluminium, Belgium
14:20 Extensive applications of premium products with higher recycling rates
Speaker: Markus Schober | Hammerer Aluminium Industries, Austria
14:40 REALCAR – Collaboration for a closed-loop automotive value chain
Speaker: Andy Doran
| Novelis Europe Latchford Lock Works, UK
15:00 Aleris – the partner for sustainable aluminum solutions providing Closed Loop examples
Speaker: Thom Hermens| Aleris Aluminum Duffell BVBA, Belgium
15:20 Coffeebreak (approx. 20 min.)
15:40 The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI): What does it mean for your company?
Speaker: Fiona Solomon | asi - Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, Australia
16:00 Aluminium in Construction, Sustainability with ASI
Speaker: Stefan Rohrmus| Schüco International KG, Germany
16:20 All recycling: from Material Flow Analysis to optimal recycling
Speaker: Oliver Neel| Constellium Technology Center, UK
16:40 Operation of LIBS elemental analyzers for inline analysis of aluminum recycling products
Speaker: Angelika Feierabend |SECOPTA analytics GmbH, Germany
Status: July 2016. Subject to change without prior notice.

Conference Day 3 - 01 December 2016

Session: Plant & Processes

Dietrich Wieser, Director Business Development Global Automotive
Alcoa Global Rolled Products
08:00 Registration open for 1 h
09:00 Development of extruded high-performance heat sinks
Speaker: Horst Gers | HAI Extrusions Germany GmbH, Germany
09:20 Improvement of thickness tolerances for a two-stand aluminum cold rolling milld
Speaker: Lawrie Witham | Aluminium Norf GmbH, Axel Brickwedde | ABB Automation GmbH
09:40 DISPAL®- High Performance Aluminium Alloy - Unique and Unsurpassed Material Performance for Automotive and Industrial Applications
Speaker: Craig Ferguson | Erbslöh Aluminium GmbH, Germany
10:00 Fatigue strength and dimensional stability of die cast specimens made of the alloy AlSi9Cu3(Fe)
Speaker: Jens Schumacher |IWT - Foundation Institute of Materials Science, Germany
10:20 Coffeebreak (approx. 20 min.)
10:40 Interactive Automation and Data Handling in Aluminium Extruder Plants
Speaker:Christian Schwarz | HMT Höfer Metall Technik
11:00 Three steps towards a bright future - Alunorf’s hot rolling mill No. 1 is prepared for future requirements after a successful modernization
Speaker: Guido Fick | SMS group GmbH, Markus Neuhausen | AluNorf GmbH
11:20 Continuous Casted Aluminium Flat Products Corrosion Characteristic According to Downstream Process and Cold Rolling Route
Speaker: Ali Ulus | Teknik Alüminyum, Turkey
11:40 Coffeebreak (approx. 20 min.)
12:00 Near net shape rolling of Aluminium Flat product for aerospace industry
Speaker: Phil Lawlor| Primetals Technologies Limited, UK
12:20 Influence of Ca, rare earth metals and Li on the oxidation behaviour of AlMg5-melts
Speaker: Thomas Doppler |Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria
12:40 Comprehensive Ingot and Plate Quality Surveillance Using Combined 2D and 3D Automatic Inline Surface Inspection Technology
Speaker: Steffen Burkhardt | ISRA VISION AG, Germany
Status: July 2016. Subject to change without prior notice.