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Aluminium is a metal that has found its way into many areas of everyday life. You find it as castings, sheets, profiles and forgings in transport, building and construction, mechanical engineering and precision mechanics, electrical engineering, chemical engineering and food-industry, kitchen, household ware and metal goods. In many cases aluminium-specific joining or surface technologies are applied to enable the light metal to fulfill special requirements.
Aluminium is a perfect recycling material. Modern sorting, pre-treatment and remelting technologies are the prerequisite to ensure a clodes aluminium loop in order to contribute to the raw material supply and a resource efficient society of today and tomorrow.
Event: ALUMINIUM 2018 Conference
Topic: ‘Aluminium – Material for the Future’
Date: 09 October– 11 October 2018
Start of registration: June 2018
Place: Congress Center Ost, Düsseldorf
Participants: Representatives from the different sections of the industry, manufacturers of semi-finished products, refiners, remelters and sub-suppliers
Language: The congress language is English.
For this year’s Congress we will have simultaneous translation into English and German.


As part of the event, your company will have the chance to present their engagement by sponsoring. If you are interested, please contact:

Georg Grumm
Phone: +49 (0)211 47 96 160


Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie - GDA

As the representative of the aluminium industry, GDA strives to maintain an open dialogue with the general public in order that customers and consumers have a more transparent view and better understanding of aluminium and the products of its member companies. To this end there is a continual exchange of experience and ideas within the association; this ensures that the interests of all member companies are represented effectively, also externally.

GDA and its specialist trade associations have made it their job to represent the common interests of all of their members and thus the whole sector in all areas of the economy relating to aluminium. This involves the collection and processing of market information and planned legislation at national and international level. In addition, the association carries out media and public relations work for its member companies.


The conference will be held alongside ALUMINIUM 12th World Trade Fair in Düsseldorf. The trade fair unites producers, processors, technology suppliers and consumers along the entire value chain - i.e. from raw materials through to semi-finished and finished products. ALUMINIUM is the leading B2B platform in the world for the aluminium industry and its main applications.